Scott Minneman

Scott Minneman is an innovative technologist who invents, designs, engineers, fabricates, and exhibits novel physical interactive devices for public spaces. Blending art with technology, he creates innovative forms of immersive, interactive storytelling. After earning architecture and engineering degrees from MIT (MS and BS) and Stanford (Ph.D), Scott was on the research staff at the think-tank Xerox PARC for fifteen years, then cofounded Onomy Labs, a make-tank for interactives. He has been commissioned to create interactive projects and art pieces all over the world, including Mexico City, Singapore, Tijuana, Denver, St. Petersburg, Cleveland, Bishkek, San Francisco, Nashville, and Goleta. The Cinema Snowglobe, Scott’s most recent invention (with partner JD Beltran), imbues the traditional tourist tchotchke with cutting-edge video technology for a delightful handheld experience. He also is faculty in the Graduate Program in Design at the California College of the Arts.