What kinds of projects are you looking for?
Projects can be in any medium! We especially love creative coders, transmedia filmmakers, game and app developers, neuroscientists, designers, roboticists, data artists, musicians, animators, animal behaviorists, physicists, quantified selfers, and world builders. If you have a hard time explaining what kind of artist or engineer you are, this probably is the place for you.

Do you take an equity stake?


What about IP?

It’s all yours.

Do we have to be a for profit venture?

We prefer this, but it’s not a requirement. Just tell us a little more about how you plan to reach your audience or user base.

How big/small can our team be?

Teams are usually 2-4 people, but we will consider solo projects and will occasionally accommodate larger groups.

Can we work offsite?

Stochastic is a highly creative, collaborative environment and your physical presence is part of the magic! Of course, we encourage team members to work with local labs, businesses, and other partners, but ask that a significant percentage of work hours are spent onsite in order to benefit most from our unique community.

Are social events, presentations, and talks mandatory?

We strongly encourage you to attend all social events but attendance is only formally required at weekly dinners.

Are there restrictions on how the funds can be used?

Funds can be used to cover project expenses as well as basic travel and living expenses for team members. So unless you are making the next best aquatic ARG, funds probably can’t be used to buy kiteboarding gear…sigh.